Saturday, November 4, 2017

Managing Nerves

Last week I taught the noon Krav Maga class at First Defense Krav Maga. Our head instructor was out, so rather than cancel he asked if I would like to lead.

I decided to focus on the ground techniques in the Krav P2 curriculum, and add in some "white belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu" flair. I added the Gracie punch block series (from guard). I also taught how to transition from mount to an S-mount as the opponent tries to roll under you. If the opponent continues to roll, you can let them and then take their back.

The students liked the class. As a result, I think, I am teaching again next week. Our head instructor is flying to Las Vegas for nine days of national training and meetings, so I'm teaching all three noon classes next week.

I'm nervous, but as I told a friend, feeling nervous confirms three facts: 1) I'm alive; 2) I'm growing; and 3) I care. I could give a talk to an audience about my cybersecurity  methods with little to no preparation, but I've been thinking about these three classes for days now.

For one of the three days, I'm going to return to the ground. One day I'm going to cover using the stick as a weapon, drawing on my Kali interests. One day I will focus on a more traditional Krav Maga theme, probably striking and movement.

Whatever happens, I will report back how the classes went. I hope to see some of my readers in class next week!

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