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2016 Martial Arts Year in Review

2016 was the year I returned to the martial arts. Beginning with my third class on January 20th, I started a training journal. Thanks to these notes, Google Calendar, and a collection of certificates, I can assess how much time I spent training last year. In this post I'd like to capture some statistics on my 2016 journey.

Krav Maga

My first ever Krav Maga class at First Defense happened on January 6th.

Prior to my P-1 test in April, I participated in 32 formal Krav Maga classes.

Between my P-1 test and my P-2 test in September, I participated in 58 Krav Maga classes.

After my P-2 test and through the end of classes on December 22nd, I participated in 54 Krav Maga classes.

That is a total of roughly 144 hours of regular Krav Maga classes.

In addition to regular classes, I participated in several seminars and camps. In July I participated in two Krav Maga seminars at the Martial Arts Super Show taught by Mr Eyal Yanilov, totaling 5 hours. Later that month I participated in a 2 hour hostage rescue seminar at First Defense.

In September I participated in a 3 hour third party protection seminar taught by Mr Yanilov, a 3 hour seminar on fighting skills and tactics taught by Mr Yanilov and Jovan Manojlovic, and a 25 hour, three day specialist course titled Combat Mindset and Mental Conditioning.

In October I participated in a 3 hour seminar on Krav Maga for handling road rage, carjacking, and related automobile scenarios. In November I spent another 25 hours, over three days, at the fall P and G camp, followed by a 2 1/2 hour weapons disarm seminar later that month. My last seminar happened in early December, when I spent 4 1/2 hours learning firearm management.

These special Krav Maga events totaled 73 hours.

Combining regular classes and special events, I formally trained Krav Maga for 217 hours, one third of which was seminar time.

Other Martial Arts

In addition to Krav Maga, I trained in several other venues in 2016.

In June and July I enjoyed 6 hours of private Kali instruction with Mr Jim Conklin at Trident Martial Arts. Shortly thereafter in July I participated in a 6 hour seminar taught by Guro Dan Inosanto, also at Trident. In August I also enjoyed 15 hours of combatives training involving weapons, groundwork, and striking, taught by Mr Ben Gilbert from Trident.

In June, July, and August I spent time with my old kung fu Sifu, Michael Macaris, and his top instructor, Steve Mulloy. We trained for a total of about 24 hours.

 These non-Krav Maga martial arts totaled 51 hours.

Other Training

Beyond these classes, I tried three complements to martial arts training. In August I spent 8 hours learning a sword-based exercise program called Jungshin Fitness. In September I spent 6 hours in an introductory StrongFirst class learning how to exercise with kettlebells. In October I spent 10 hours becoming a level one Ground Force Method instructor.

These physical classes totaled 24 hours.

Finally, I took two classes to develop firearm skills, taught by Silver Eagle Group. They were each approximately 4 hours, so they totaled 8 hours.


Adding up all of the time I spent in formal training in 2016, the total was approximately 300 hours. About two thirds involved Krav Maga. Less than one sixth involved other martial arts. The remainder involved fitness and firearms.

Looking back, I am very pleased with the amount of progress I made in 2016!

Within the next few days I will post my goals for 2017.

How do you feel about your work in 2016?

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